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Screenshot of Pressure Washer Comparison Feature


Two or more pressure washers of any kind, which are listed in our database, can be compared. Use our Compare button, placed on each of the product pages, in the search results and on the listing pages.

After clicking this button, the selected pressure washer will be added to the comparison table. After a minimum of two units are added to the comparison table, their stats may be compared. There is no upper limit to the number of compared devices.

After the product is added, this scale icon will show up on the right side of your screen, along with a number which tell you how many devices are currently on the comparison list. Whenever the number 2 or higher shows up, you may begin the comparison simply by clicking this icon.

Pressure Washer Spec Charts

Get Detailed Stats

Statistics and specifications of each product are detailed on their respective product page.

Along with the specifications, which are common to any pressure washer (PSI, GPM, etc.), you can also find info about their features, if they are suited for light duty, medium duty or heavy duty use, and on top of that, examples of their possible applications.

Every product page features several interactive charts, which compare many of the key parameters of the selected pressure washer to others of similar price. Thus, you can always see right away how the product compares with its peers.

Pressure Washer Spec Charts
Pressure Washer Price Tracking Image

Track Prices

To ensure that with us, you’ll get the best power washer for your buck every time, we track the price of each product in detail and employ a 12-hour update rate.

Using our “Price History” feature, you can follow the trend and choose when is the best time to buy the product of your choice.

But, even if you’re not entirely sure if it is time to make the purchase, we have another feature for you.

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Get Price Alerts

Do you want to buy that dream pressure washer for the best possible price? We’ll help you do exactly that!

On any product page, you will find a “Set Price Alert” link. After clicking on it, you will be asked to enter your email address, your preferred price, and we will do the rest for you! Whenever the price of the product reaches your target, we will inform you so by sending you an email.

Screenshot of Pressure Washer Price Drop Email Alert
Screenshot of Price Comparison Feature

Find The Best Deal

Make sure to always purchase your pressure washers at the best price possible!

Our site provides a price comparison of the most trustworthy and reliable online pressure washer sellers.

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You can compare as many pressure washers as you wish. However, for the best results, we recommend you to compare only 2 products at a time.