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Photo of NickHello there, my name‘s Nick! I’m the manager and editor of Pressurewasherdb.com. I’m a mechanical engineer, specializing in power tool design and I have worked as a contractor for various power tool manufacturers in the past decade. During the last few years, we in the industry have noticed a rapid increase in demand for power tools, which resulted in a huge spectrum of new products being introduced to the public. However, so far, the information about them has been limited to product lists and sponsored reviews, which can be hard to sort through.

As such I have decided to uptake the effort to provide you not only detailed information on any product on the market, but also the ability to compare them and find out additional information about their use.

I have partnered with several of my colleagues in creating a network of websites dedicated to this goal.

This site it solely dedicated to pressure washers, however, leaf blowers and portable generators are covered on their respective websites, curated by my pals Patrick and Paul.

About This Site

This site is here to provide you:

  • Constructive, helpful and truthful user reviews.
  • The number one spot if you are looking to buy a pressure washer.
  • Guides and explanations of pressure washer-related problems, along with tips and tricks on their use.

The website, unless stated otherwise, is impartial and is not affiliated with any power tool manufacturer. To ensure that, I will personally not review any of the listed products.

The Pressurewasherdb.com database gives you all the information available, directly from the primary sources, about any item contained. I am continuously working on adding new products, which will be expanded to all major and minor manufacturers available in the US.

Products can be filtered through by their price, manufacturer and specs. To help you choose from multiple devices, I have added the Compare Tool, which (as its name suggests) compares all the available specs of any two or more selected pressure washers.

I strive to provide accurate information, however, I don’t dare to pretend to be perfect. If you encounter any errors, or inconsistencies, feel free to let me know.

Please, enjoy your stay at Pressurewasherdb.com.

In case you have any questions, comments or just feedback which you wish to direct to me personally, please use the contact us page to do so.

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