Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control - 2000 PSI 1.55 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control is an electric pressure washer offering a maximum water pressure of 2000 PSI and flow of 1.55 GPM. (Read full specs)

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Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control 2000PSI Electric Pressure WasherKärcher K5 Premium Smart Control 2000PSI Electric Pressure WasherKärcher K5 Premium Smart Control 2000PSI Electric Pressure Washer
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Features and Specifications

WaterCold (104°F max.)
PSI (max/rated)2000/1700
GPM (max/rated)1.55/1.32
Cleaning Units2244
Motor13 amp, induction
Other model numbers1.324-683.0
Soap injectionYes
Soap tankPlug 'n' Clean
Soap dilutionAdjustable
Onboard storageYes
Hose storageReel
(D x W x H)
Approx. 16.3 x 12 x 23.1 in
Weight31.7 lbs
Pressure controlVia gun
Wheels2 wheels, ⌀6.6", solid
Included accessories3-in-1 Multi-jet wand, Smart Control spray gun, high pressure hose, garden hose adapter, GFCI power cord
SecurityTrigger lock
Warranty2 years

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Zoom on the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control

In summary, the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control is a medium duty pressure washer, that offers an all-around versatile cleaning experience, and also:

  • precise spot cleaning of hard, unpainted surfaces, reaching elevated areas, and effectively removing stubborn stains
  • gentle cleaning for sensitive surfaces, and wide coverage cleaning with low pressure
  • applying detergents or chemicals, and rinsing surfaces afterward

The following sections will present you in detail its power characteristics and design, its main features and all the additional features it has to offer.


The Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control in use

The Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control

The Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control's axial pump, powered by a 13-amp induction motor, can provide a pressure of up to 2000 PSI (approximately 33 times more than a standard garden hose) and a flow of up to 1.55 GPM (values claimed by the manufacturer). While these PSI and GPM values represent the maximum capabilities of the washer under specific conditions, it's important to note that under typical usage, the working pressure is 1700 PSI and the flow rate is 1.32 GPM. Thus, the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control achieves a cleaning power of 2244 Cleaning Units.

As an electric pressure washer, the K5 Premium Smart Control initiates operation effortlessly with a straightforward ON/OFF switch. The unit is ready-to-use with peace of mind, thanks to the included GFCI cord.

Design & Handling

Featuring a portable design and approximate dimensions of D16.3 x W12 x H23.1 in, the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control underscores its dedication to mobility. The telescopic handle further eases storage and offers a convenient pulling height, allowing effortless transportation.

This unit's weight of 31.7 lbs makes it a breeze to carry around, perfect for on-the-go cleaning tasks. Partly owing to its plastic frame, it maintains its lightweight construction. As if its lightweight construction wasn't convenient enough, the unit is equipped with two 6.6" solid wheels, adding further ease to its transportation and maneuverability.

Main Features

The Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control's package includes a spray gun, a wand, a pressure hose and a detergent injection feature, with a more detailed description below.

  • Soap injection: Detergent supply is ensured by Karcher's Plug 'n' Clean system. The Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control benefits from an adjustable soap dilution ratio, provided by its Smart Control trigger gun. Under the "soap" position of the 3-in-1 Multi-jet lance, the unit will proceed to add the detergent to the water.
  • Pressure hose: Utilizing a convenient hose reel, which also improves its lifespan, the unit offers a convenient solution for storing the included high-pressure hose when it's not in use, keeping it neatly organized.
  • Spray gun and wand: A dedicated slot enables you to easily store the included Smart Control spray gun and its 3-in-1 Multi-jet wand. The 3-in-1 lance allows incredibly flexible working conditions. It replaces the need for nozzle swaps and offers an infinitely adjustable high-pressure flat stream, a rotary nozzle and a cleaning agent jet. The appropriate jet is selected simply by turning the spray lance.

The unit also features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to communicate with the Home & Garden Mobile App.

Plug 'n' Clean System

'; Karcher Plug 'n' Clean system

The practical Plug 'n' Clean system allows you to change the detergent in one quick and easy step, and to always see the filling level at a glance.

It removes the need for a proper soap tank, as you just have to plug your chosen Karcher detergent upside down in the unit's dedicated chamber.

6 Plug 'n' Clean detergents are available: Ultra Foam Cleaner, Plastic Cleaner, Wood Cleaner, Stone & Facade Cleaner, Car Shampoo, and Universal Cleaner.

Smart Control Gun

Smart Control Spray Gun

The Smart Control trigger gun and its LCD display

Karcher's Smart Control trigger gun gives you all the control you need when cleaning. It features +/– buttons that allow you to easily manage and adjust pressure levels and detergent dosages. These settings are then communicated to the motor via radio frequency.

All your settings are visible at first glance on its LCD display, regardless of the weather.

The display will also automatically sync any info with the Home And Garden Mobile App.

Combined with the 3-in-1 Multi-jet wand, it offers excellent control, convenience, versatility and flexibility.

Home & Garden Mobile App

Home & Garden App Gun Operation

Kärcher's Home & Garden Mobile App

Kärcher Home & Garden app is available for Android (opens in a new tab) and iOS (opens in a new tab) devices. The app promises to turn you into a cleaning expert, by offering you access to Kärcher's extensive cleaning knowledge. It will enable you to:

  • Connect to the unit via Bluetooth to choose pressure settings directly from the app
  • Follow statistics on the use of your washer
  • Get step-by-step help on installation and initial startup
  • Consult its built-in advisor for instructions to achieve the best cleaning result in model scenarios (e.g. cleaning your bike)
  • Read tips & tricks on how to get the most out of your washer
  • Browse FAQ items and detailed troubleshooting guides
  • Easily connect to the Kärcher service center to order accessories, detergents, etc.

Other Features

Some of the accessories of the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control

Some of the included accessories

  • Pressure control: As mentioned above, water pressure can be controlled directly via the +/- buttons of the Smart Control trigger gun.
  • Safety: Safety of operation is enhanced by a trigger lock mechanism (which prevents accidental operation).
  • Accessories: Included with the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control are also the owner's manual (opens in a new tab) and some basic documentation to get you promptly started, along with several accessories, such as power cord, wand, garden hose adapter, pressure hose and spray gun.

Product Videos

The Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control's performance versus other pressure washers

The following charts are provided to give you an idea of how the key specs of the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control compare to similarly priced pressure washers.

  • With 2000 PSI, the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control achieves a lower pressure when compared to similarly priced electric pressure washers within the $375-525 range. Prioritizing the highest water stream power? Check out the Ryobi RY143011—a top contender in this price range, delivering up to 3000 PSI.
  • At 1.55 GPM, this washer stands as one of the premier choices in the aforementioned price range, offering a high volume of water.
  • At 2244 Cleaning Units, the K5 Premium Smart Control ranks on the lower side of cleaning power among devices with similar pricing and fuel type. When considering the importance of superior cleaning power, the Ryobi RY143011 stands out with its 3300 Cleaning Units, boasting one of the highest cleaning efficiencies among similarly priced units.
According to our stats, the following comparison is pretty popular: Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control vs Kärcher K5 Power Control.

Price comparison

As you can see from these interactive charts, when compared to other electric washers between 2000 and 2500 Cleaning Units, the Karcher K5 Premium Smart Control is on the expensive side of the price range.

While certainly not the cheapest of its cleaning power range, purchasing it could most likely also mean enjoying the reliability of a high-end product.

The bottom line

  • Induction motor
  • Portable
  • No need for nozzles
  • Hose reel
  • Smart Control gun
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • High GPM for the price
  • On the expensive side
  • The Plug 'n' Clean system is not the most eco-friendly
  • Low PSI for the price
  • Low CU for the price

Do you own the Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control and agree (or disagree) with these strengths and weaknesses?

Let us know and write your own review.

About Kärcher

Founded in 1935 by Alfred Kärcher, this family-owned business is headquartered in Winnenden, Germany. Credited with developing Europe's first hot water high-pressure washer in 1950, the company continues to pride itself on ingenuity and innovative thinking for new solutions in the cleaning industry. Kärcher also insists on being a socially- and ecologically-sustainable company. The popularity of the brand can be seen by the fact that the name Kärcher has in some European countries become a colloquial term used synonymously with pressure washers.

Warranty Information

The Kärcher K5 Premium Smart Control is covered under a warranty for up to 2 years. This warranty may be limited and may not cover all parts of the unit.
For more information about the warranty of Kärcher pressure washers, please consult Kärcher's warranty policies (opens in a new tab). Alternatively, you can also contact their Customer Support: 1-800-537-4129.

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